Discover excellence in pool care with our comprehensive range of professional services.

Pool Remodeling

Breathe new life into your old pool with our professional pool remodeling services. We offer innovative solutions to upgrade your pool’s appearance and function.

Tile Installation

Transform your pool with our exceptional pool tile installation services. We offer a wide range of styles, colors, and designs that can bring a unique aesthetic to your pool.

Coping Stone

Coping stones are essential elements in pool construction and renovation. These are stones that are installed around the perimeter of the pool for both functional and aesthetic purposes.

Crack Repairs

We understand that your swimming pool is not just a structure, it’s a space for relaxation, recreation, and creating lasting memories.

Pool Equipment

The performance and lifespan of your pool depend on high-quality equipment. Cal West Pool Inc offers top-grade options for optimal functionality and durability.


Experience the pinnacle of pool water clarity and quality with MicroGlass, a cutting-edge filtration service offered by Cal West Pool Inc.

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